• Welded upright bracing provides additional support against seismic condition.
  • Section is more robust compare to regular series.
  • Customization is possible.
  • Shorter lead time and partial delivery is possible.
  • Shorter installation period.
  • Parts are readily available
  • Small orders are possible.
  • More color selection.
  Premium Storage Racks  
  Longspan Rack  
  Selective Rack  
  Selective Rack  
  Cantilever Rack  
  Cantilever Rack  
  Drive-in Rack  
  Drive-In Rack  
  Rack Supported Mezzanine  
  Rack Supported Mezzanine  
  Carton-flow Rack  
  Cartoon Flow Rack  

   REGULAR SERIES ADVANTAGES - (Imported with minimum order of 1 container)

  • This type of series is more economical than the Premium Series.
  • Compatible with Dexion type.
  • Offers many designs and types of shelvings to choose from.
  • Bolted diagonal support for Upright.
  • Parts can be detached individually.
  Regular storage racks  
  Selective Racking  
  Selective Racking  
  Cantilever Racking  
  Cantilever Racking  
  Drive-in Racking  
  Drive-In Racking  
  Auto-slide Racking  
  Auto Slide Racking  
  Longspan Racking  
  Longspan Racking  

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